Michigan, Burton foster parent faces additional child pornography possession charges


BURTON, MI — A Burton foster parent accused in a child pornography case is facing a dozen more serious charges that prosecutors filed against him.

Michael Thomas Bradley, 57, was charged last week with six counts of possession of child sexually abusive material. Tuesday, April 23, he was arraigned on a dozen  new charges of child sexual abusive activity and using a computer to commit a crime. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

A preliminary exam was initially scheduled for Tuesday, April 23, but was delayed after the charges were added Friday, April 19.

Burton Detective Shawn Duncanson said the investigation is still ongoing.

Bradley’s attorney, Frank J. Manley, said his firm is handling the case.

“The problem with these types of cases is (people) immediately believing that you’re guilty,” said Manley, adding that he will not be intimidated by the new charges. “I guarantee we will not be run over.”

Amanda Holdsworth, director of communications for Lutheran Service of Michigan, said Bradley had been licensed through the agency as well as the state’s Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing.

Two foster children in Bradley’s care were immediately removed from his home Thursday, April 17, when the organization was notified by Burton police of the charges, she said.

Those children have been placed with other foster parents. Bradley has had other foster children, but Holdsworth said she could not release the exact number.

She noted people hoping to become foster parents in the organization go through “a pretty thorough background check,” including a criminal check, provide personal and professional recommendations and perform 20 hours of state-mandated foster parent training.

Holdsworth said foster parents are required to renew their position every two years with the state, but LSSM also requires a renewal each year along with six hours of foster parent training and they are notified when any legal incident arises.

An independent investigation by the agency has begun that will include Child Protective Services, criminal investigators and LSSM staff. The organization handles up to 800 foster children at any given time.




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